The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies


March 15th, 2013


Not much happens in winter and it’s no different on the gig scene which is why we played just a few private functions but a lot of public shows. We headed down to Stockton and despite our Geordie accents received a warm welcome at The Mitre thanks to its sound landlord and equally sound punters. We stayed closer to home the week after with a retirement party at The Blue Flames in Longbenton. “No rubbish from the 60’s or 70’s” was the surprise brief given to us by the two retirees so a night of music from 80’s and more recent it was. The next night we were just down the road at The Corner House in Heaton. The pub is under new management but it seemed to be the same as before; a proper good pub.

We were back at Mr. Lynch in Jesmond the week after. Modesty aside we always go down well here and the night was no different!  Phil picked up a parking fine but determined to put a positive spin on it we decided it was actually an open ended parking ticket so once we’d finished playing we threw the gear in the back of his car and returned to Mr. Lynch to have a Pina Colada or two.

Away from the gigs we’ve been busy too. We had a photo shoot at As You Like It in Jesmond for our new site. Credit to the photographers Phil and Stephen (www.stephenbeecroft.com) who spent six hours trying to disprove the myth that the camera never lies and make us look cool! We had the privilege of playing AMV Live Music’s Battle of The Wedding Bands the next night which was also at As You Like It (we actually just slept there).  It was a good night and a rare opportunity for us to enjoy watching some other bands.

This weekend we are at The Three Mile Inn in Gosforth and back at The Bridge in Annitsford on Saturday.  Both 9pm starts. Comic Relief is in on tonight which is normally rubbish and any money you  donate would be better spent on beer to drink as you watch The Fontains.