Watch Us Wreck The Mic, Psyche!

Watch Us Wreck The Mic, Psyche!


April 11th, 2013


Our April kicked off on Friday night at Mr. Lynch in Jesmond, just outside of Newcastle. With the students away for Easter and everyone else still recovering from last weeks bank holiday we weren’t surprised to find the place a little quieter than normal. Thankfully a hen party on the wrong side of merry were in the venue and made up for any lack in atmosphere. By the time we came to play our final set the hen party had moved / stumbled onto bigger things (taxi rank, burger van, strangers) but the space they left on the dance floor was quickly filled as the venue got busier.

On Saturday night we were pleased to be playing the wedding of Helen and Matt at The New Exchange in North Shields. When Helen booked us she explained that our set was perfect for her wedding and she wasn’t wrong. Everyone seemed to really enjoy our set which led us to believe that Helen and Matt’s guests must have had a really good taste in music. Sadly there are exceptions to the rules, in this case the two girls that asked / forced us to play Ant and Dec’s Let’s Get Ready to Rumble during our DJ set. Our PA speakers are still recovering from playing such filth!